Create a robust, tax efficient retirement plan.

Retirement income is one of the most important aspects of financial planning. It will determine how you live your life once you have stopped working. A solid financial plan is a powerful possession that offers peace of mind and freedom.

Our process allows us to determine appropriate strategies and help you understand how to achieve your retirement goals and live your dreams. It is never too early to start a retirement plan and if you are coming close to retirement you have only a finite amount of human capital left and how you optimise these earnings in the years leading up to retirement is vital. Creating a well-diversified robust portfolio will maximise your chances of having peace of mind during your golden years.

Taking mini retirements for you to fulfil your dreams in the short to medium term is becoming increasingly popular and we can tailor a mini retirement plan ensuring your financial goals and life plans are aligned and remain on track. If you are serious about retiring in a comfortable, secure, financially independent way – start today.

“I met with U Consulting 3 years before my retirement to discuss my options. We met on a one-to-one basis where he brought me through the options available to me. He spoke clearly with the minimum of jargon. He answered every question without ever making me feel that any question was irrelevant.

The advice I received has led to my investments increasing substantially in value during the intervening years.

If you want clear, impartial advice from someone who knows exactly what they are talking about, I suggest you get in touch with U Consulting”.