A Unique Approach

What makes us different is our holistic approach.

It begins with a conversation

Getting to know our clients gives us a real understanding of their challenges, priorities and dreams for the future. The most meaningful results come when there is trust, openness and collaboration.

Creating the life you want

It seems obvious, but the first step is to know what
you really want from life. What are your dreams and ambitions for the near future and beyond? When you’re clear about what really matters to you, financial decisions become easier and possibilities start to appear where you might not have seen them before.

Where are you today?

This is about taking a snapshot of what your life and finances look like today.

Taking stock of where you are now helps you get organised and focussed. You’ve heard the saying; ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ – well, we don’t agree. Our view is; the more you know, the more control you have over your financial future.

Making a Financial Life plan

Together, we set realistic goals and create a tailored master plan that helps you prioritise and gives you a clear sense of direction. We propose specific actions on how to optimise your money and build wealth. Once agreed, we help you implement the recommendations and move forward.

Staying on track

We’re here for our clients for the long-term. As you go through life, your goals and priorities naturally change. U Consulting is your partner through it all. We help you navigate those changes and make sure you stay on course to reach your next life goal. We review your plan at regular intervals and make tweaks and changes as we go.

“I was extremely impressed with the process as it helped me really assess my finances and life goals. I was completely comfortable with my decisions as the level of research and analysis carried out on my behalf was fantastic and enabled me to make the best decisions for me. I would highly recommend that everyone should go through this process at some stage in their lives as I wish I had a long time ago.

I couldn’t be happier with level of professionalism shown and job done by U Consulting.”

Senior Manager, Multinational Company