Corporate Services

Design employee benefits packages to attract and retain the best people.

Bespoke Employee Benefit Programmes

Our experienced team reviews your existing employee benefit scheme and works with you to create a bespoke Employee Benefit Programme that engages staff, boosts morale and improves performance at all levels of the business.

Sharing our financial know-how – Employee Financial Wellness

We share our financial expertise to inspire, educate and empower your employees to a greater level of financial wellness.

“Engaging with U Consulting has allowed us to unlock a number of areas specific to the delivery of our business strategy and 3-year plan – specifically, a better compensation and benefits offering has helped us attract and retain key talent. Financial advisory initiatives led by U Consulting have fed directly into our employee well-being programme, and financial pulse checks for all staff have helped our employees manage and effectively plan their personal income and expenditure.

U Consulting are a professional, informed team of Advisors who will flex to your individual needs and will bring instant value-add to your business and employees.

We now see U Consulting as an extension of our Global People Team, and a trusted business partner.

Aidan McKee, Chief People Officer, WaterWipes